Fleaflicker’s New ESPN Import Tool

fleaguy100Calling all ESPN NFL league commissioners! We’re excited to debut a new import tool available on Fleaflicker this week. Our new tool will allow you to move your ESPN league to Fleaflicker with one magical click, including:

  • League settings and rules
  • League rosters
  • Complete league history, including past standings, boxscores and playoff brackets

Switching from ESPN to Fleaflicker or just seeing what your league would look like on our platform has never been easier.

To try it out, simply sign in or sign up for Fleaflicker (it’s free!) and then select the green “New League” button located on https://www.fleaflicker.com/nfl. Then choose “Import from Another Site” and copy in your ESPN league URL and credentials and click Import League and then Fleaflicker does the rest!

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 2.45.40 PM

FAQs About the New Import Tool:

Where else can I import my league from?

Currently just ESPN, but we have plans to add Yahoo and CBS in the near future! Shoot us a note at info@fleaflicker.com to let us know which platform you are eager for us to add.

Can I move my baseball league to Fleaflicker?

No, at this time only football leagues can be imported into Fleaflicker.

Is it safe to enter my login and password to import a league?

Absolutely. We never store your password on our servers. It is used to sign in on your behalf over a secure connection to the site where your league is hosted.

What if I already set up my ESPN league on Fleaflicker, can I get the league history added?

We don’t currently have a way to merge the two together, but here are two things you could consider doing:

1. Import the league from ESPN and if you like what you see and it has more of what you need long-term, update it to mimic the existing Fleaflicker league and then transition everyone to the imported league (just send them new invites). You could then opt to delete the other league when you are ready.

2. The other option is to import your league from ESPN and rename it, perhaps adding the word “Legacy” or “Historical” via League > Settings > Edit League Name/Logo and just having it there for historical reference if anyone wants to look back at the ESPN history in the future. You would just send invites to the league members and they would be able to see both the new active league on Fleaflicker and the legacy stats in the imported league.

Can I import my ESPN league if I use Facebook to log in to ESPN?

No, there’s no way for us to obtain your private ESPN league data if you log in to ESPN using Facebook. If you still want to import your league you can do one of the following:

  1. If you’re in a “League Manager League”, make your league viewable to the public:
    • From your ESPN league tab, click on settings
    • Click on Basic Settings
    • Next, click Edit Basic Settings to change the viewable league option
    • Select Yes and save. (You can change this setting back to private after the import is complete.)
  2. Create a new ESPN account that doesn’t use Facebook to log in and add it as a co-owner of your ESPN team.
  3. Ask another owner to import the league if they log in to ESPN with an ESPN password and login.

Questions or comments about the new tool? Please contact us and let us know!

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