50 Best Fantasy Football Team Names of 2018

It’s that time again where we share the funniest team names we’ve spotted on Fleaflicker. Thank you for keeping your leagues (and us) entertained!

Mixon, Mix-off
Runs Like A Gurley
TIE: Thielen Like Making Love & Hooked on a Thielen
Jason Kelce’s Speech Writer
TIE: The Big Gronkowski & Make America Gronk Again
Ladies and Edelman
Favre Dollar Footlongs
It Ertz When Eiffert
Zeke and Destroy
220, 221 Whatever It Takes
This Isn’t Where I Parked My Derek Carr
Belicheck Yourself Before You Rex Yourself
Demaryius Targaryen
That’s Some Bad JuJu
A Team Has No Name
No One Is Safe With This GM
Oh Is The Game On?
Mouth Breathers Anonymous
From Wentz We Came
Washington Breadsticks
Forgetting Brandon Marshall
Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker
I Should Probably Have a Team Name By Now
A Rivers Runs Through It
TIE: Dak to the Future & Baby Got Dak
Just A Flesh Wound
Hold My Beer
TIE: Kickers Are People Too & No Punt Intended
The Julio Jonestown Massacre
TIE: Take Me Mahomes & Whats Up Mahomies
The Blair Walsh Project
Luck Be My Brady Tonight
TIE: For Whom The Bell Tolls & For Whom Odell Tolls
TIE: Fournetteflix and Chill & Fournette Me Not
Davante’s Inferno
Will Trade Draft Picks For Beer
Kerryon My Wayward Son
Hyde and Zeke
Bet I Can Throw a Football Over Them Mountains
Probably Should Have Auto-Drafted


NSFW Edition:

Monica Loves Clinton-Dix
My Ball Zach Ertz
Turn Your Head and Goff
Vick in a Box
2 Gurleys 1 Kupp


Have one to share? Send it to us at info@fleaflicker.com and we’ll add it to our list!

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