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The 2019 Rookies Are Almost Here

The NFL draft is upon us! Who will land the next Saquon Barkley or Baker Mayfield?

Here’s what to expect at Fleaflicker:

#1: When are NFL rookies added?
NFL rookies are added to our player listing within 24-48 hours of the time they drafted, and then they’ll be evaluated and added to the overall rankings as quickly as possible. Undrafted free agents are added at the start of training camps. If you are looking to set up a rookie draft next week, May 1 or later is a safe bet!

#2: Can we run a rookie draft on Fleaflicker?
Commissioners who want to set up rookie-only drafts can do so using the recently added League >> Settings >> Configure Draft settings. This allows a commish to specify the exact number of rounds in a draft and provides the option to constrain the draft to rookies only. There is also a setting that allows commissioners to count players in the IR and Taxi Squad sections as separate from the draft or treat them just like any other players.

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Free Edge for MLB Upgrade Offer

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 4.13.19 PMWant to score a FREE upgrade to Fleaflicker’s Competitive Edge for MLB this season?

Simply share your honest review and a link to the site on Twitter, Instagram, personal blog or Facebook and then email us the details. That’s it! Continue reading “Free Edge for MLB Upgrade Offer”

QOTW: Short Week Scheduling

Question of the Week: How can I combine two weeks of the season together when one of them is a short week?

Answer: Commissioners can to remove match-ups for the the short week so that it’s a “bye week” of sorts for the league, and if desired, the scores for the short week can be combined with the full week in head-to-head leagues. Continue reading “QOTW: Short Week Scheduling”

2018 League Champion Badge

If you’ve locked up your Fleaflicker fantasy football league’s championship, share the good news properly by sharing this celebratory image! And if you didn’t get the trophy this year, don’t worry friend, it’s a whole new year with new possibilities! Happy 2019 from Fleaflicker.


QOTW: Scheduling Conference Playoff Match-ups

Question of the Week: My league has conferences. How can I ensure there are only conference match-ups until the final playoff game?

Answer: There are two things you will need to do the week the playoffs start to ensure that teams from each conference or division keep playing each other through the playoffs until the final match-up. Continue reading “QOTW: Scheduling Conference Playoff Match-ups”

NBA Countdown

basketball-sports-teams-players-71103The NBA season is just within reach! The buzzer sounds on the 2018-19 NBA season on Tuesday, Oct. 16.



Save These Teams


It’s the start of Week 4 in the NFL and commissioners are looking for replacement owners. You like a challenge, right? Save an ownerless team in a new league today — shape it up and GM it right into the playoffs! Visit the NFL RECRUITING FORUM

Join a New League This Season


Fantasy football drafts are getting into high-gear! Now is the perfect time to join a new or existing league or start your own.

Less than a week to go until the official start of the season. Yep, we’re ready for some football!


All About That Email Draft

Fleaflicker offers three different draft options, the live draft, an import rosters feature for offline drafts, and an email draft. This article walks through the ins and outs of the email draft.

Fleaflicker’s convenient email draft tool is the perfect option for commissioners who anticipate having a hard time coordinating a live draft date and time or simply want to take their time with the draft.

You can start a live draft whenever you like, and owners can visit the site at their convenience to make their draft selection. All members of the league will get notified via email as each pick is made.

Here’s how the email draft works:  Continue reading “All About That Email Draft”

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