Fleaflicker Draft Options

Fleaflicker offers three different draft options:

#1: A live draft tool when all or most owners are able to connect at the same time to hold their draft. Live drafts are typically completed in an hour or so, depending on the league size and roster size.

#2. An email draft tool that allows owners to visit the site at their convenience and make their draft selection. Email drafts, also called slow drafts, can take 1-2 weeks to complete, depending on league size, roster size and any custom time limitations commissioners communicate at the start.

#3: An import rosters feature for leagues that choose to hold their drafts offline or use a third party tool. Commissioners can manually add players to each roster after the draft completes.

A great resource to find more information about our draft options is the Draft section of the Owner’s Manual, viewable here. Please contact us with any additional questions you have!

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