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QOTW: Handcuffs

Question of the Week: What are “handcuffs”?

Answer: Handcuffs indicate players that are likely to replace a first-string player if they are injured. Let’s say you drafted Eli Manning. If he gets hurt, you may want to have Ryan Nassib, the next QB on the Giants depth chart, ready and waiting on your bench. This works well in large leagues where you may not be able to have another starting QB on your bench.

QOTW: 2017 League Activation

Question of the Week: When can I set things up for the next NFL season?

Answer: You will be able to activate your NFL league(s) just after the Super Bowl — specifically at 6AM ET on 2/14/17.


QOTW: Divisional Playoff Settings

Question of the Week: In my league we have the teams split into 2 divisions. For the playoffs, we want 4 teams to compete; the top 2 teams from each division. Right now it is saying that the top 4 teams by record will be in the playoffs, and I can’t figure out how to change it to the top 2 teams in each division. Is there a way to change this in the settings? Continue reading “QOTW: Divisional Playoff Settings”

Quotes We Love

“In the middle of the meeting, I realized… there’s really nothing that a judge does that a fantasy commissioner doesn’t.”
– Kevin, The League

“Except send someone to prison.”
– Jenny, The League

QOTW: Scoring Players With Duality

Question of the Week: Why is Ty Montgomery (RB/WR) only getting points for one position and not the other?

Answer: When we encounter players with duality in a league that has the same rule set up with different points for different positions, we only apply the points to the first rule only so that points aren’t double-counted.

The league commish can modify the final box score for the week via League Settings > Edit Past Box Score if the determination is that the other rule’s scoring should have been counted.

QOTW: Best Division Record

Question of the Week: In regards to league rankings taking division records into account, is that an option the commish can turn on and off?

Answer: If you have 2 or more divisions, you cannot remove the best division tiebreaker. However, you could opt to move the best division record tiebreaker to the #5 position which means it would rarely be used. (If you decide to do that, you will find this setting at League Settings > Edit Tiebreakers.) The other option would be to go down to a single division which will remove the division rule altogether.

Keep in mind that commissioners can reseed the playoff teams during the first week of the playoffs if they want to have the rankings based on different (i.e. custom) criteria.

QOTW: Power vs. Playoff Rankings

Question of the Week: How are power and playoff rankings different?

Answer: If you have a league with at least two divisions, the playoff rankings will utilize best division record as a tiebreaker, just like the NFL. The power ranking does not include this tiebreaker. Continue reading “QOTW: Power vs. Playoff Rankings”

Ty Montgomery Position Update

Due to Green Bay using Ty Montgomery more in the RB position vs. WR in last week’s game, we have expanded his designation to include both positions so that owners can choose which position to start him in. Duality decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, looking at different criteria. Sites like ESPN Fantasy and Rotoworld also updated Montgomery this week.

There are two complexities to be aware of and potentially solve for with duality players: Continue reading “Ty Montgomery Position Update”

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