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NHL, NBA and MLB Owners Needed

While the fantasy football season has wrapped up, we still have a lot of activity happening in NHL and NBA leagues which are at the mid-season point. Commissioners are looking for replacement owners, so now would be a great time to transition in. Also, MLB leagues are gearing up for spring, so you may set your sights there as well.

See who’s recruiting: NHL | NBA | MLB

Leagues drafting soon: NHL | NBA | MLB

Start a new league: NHL | NBA | MLB


QOTW: Activating the Next NFL Season

Question of the Week: When can I set things up for my spring rookie draft?

Answer: You will be able to activate the new season on Tuesday, 2/14/17 (Valentine’s Day). Trades, including trades of draft picks, can still happen prior to league activation.

Happy New Year to all of our members! Thank you for another tremendous year of fantasy sports.

Our final batch of championship winners will get their virtual trophies on Tuesday (1/3). If you won this season, be sure to share the happy news! Post our official 2016 champion badge on social media and then sit back and bask in the glow of your win…


QOTW: Post-Season Player Pool Access

Question of the Week: Our season just ended. Why are all of the players locked in the player listing?

Answer: Some league settings go on lock-down after the previous season’s playoffs complete so that we can finalize the results and also prep for the new season. Leagues will be able to be activated for the new season on 2/14/17.

What IS available between now and 2/14:
– Trading between owners of players or draft picks
– Owners can access Team > Settings > Keepers to update their keepers
– Ability for the commish to edit scoring rules, waiver wire rules, transaction rules
– Ability for the commish to edit the rosters to make any player removals or additions needed
– Commish can use League > Settings to clear non-keepers once everyone has them set

What IS NOT available until 2/14:
– Opening the player pool and running waivers
– Replacement or addition of new owners
– Changes to the roster requirements

Our apologies for any inconvenience this causes. We are looking to shorten this “dark” period in the future.

Continue reading “QOTW: Post-Season Player Pool Access”


Congrats to all of those making the playoffs this year!

For the rest of us, how about those keepers for next season?!

QOTW: Two-Team Loser’s Bracket

Question of the Week: My league has 10 teams with 8 teams in the playoffs. How do I add a Loser’s Bracket for the bottom two teams?

Answer: The systems needs at least 4 teams at the bottom at the start of the playoffs in order to automatically set up a consolation bracket. What you can do though is to ask the bottom teams to keep setting their lineups, and then on the Scores page at the end of the week, you will be able to get their final box score off of the left-hand Top Scores column (desktop view). Continue reading “QOTW: Two-Team Loser’s Bracket”

QOTW: Consolation Bracket

Question of the Week: Why doesn’t the consolation bracket show up?  I arranged the order of seeding for the league from 1-12, but only the 6-team playoff bracket is displayed.

Answer: If you go to the Playoffs page and switch the “Playoffs” drop-down at the top (mobile) / top right (desktop) to “Consolation #1” then you will be able to see the branching for the teams in the consolation match-ups on the bottom of the page.


QOTW: Waiver Priority During the Playoffs

Question of the Week: Team A, a better ranked team, and won a claim instead of Team B, one of the worst ranked teams this week. Why did that happen?

Answer: Here’s the answer directly from the Owner’s Manual: During your fantasy playoffs, Fleaflicker never resets the waiver wire order in leagues. Once the playoffs start, the waiver order will reflect the end of the regular season order the entire rest of the year and never resets weekly. Continue reading “QOTW: Waiver Priority During the Playoffs”

QOTW: Handcuffs

Question of the Week: What are “handcuffs”?

Answer: Handcuffs indicate players that are likely to replace a first-string player if they are injured. Let’s say you drafted Eli Manning. If he gets hurt, you may want to have Ryan Nassib, the next QB on the Giants depth chart, ready and waiting on your bench. This works well in large leagues where you may not be able to have another starting QB on your bench.

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