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We are pleased to welcome you to the Fleaflicker blog! This site is the perfect place to discover what’s new or coming soon on the Fleaflicker fantasy sports platform. We’ll also share advanced league customization tips and tricks and answer typical questions we get on a weekly basis. Game on!


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Free Edge for NHL and NBA

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 4.13.19 PMHere’s your chance to get Fleaflicker’s Competitive Edge for NHL hockey or NBA basketball for free! Edge provides integrated extended player news and projections for NHL and NBA players.

How it works:
1) Create a new league between 9/27 – 10/15/16
2) Recruit at least 4 new members to join Fleaflicker and your league
3) Send the league link to by 10/21

That’s it! As soon as we get the link and confirm items 1 and 2, you will get Edge turned on for the season.


QOTW: Red Bar Indicator

Question of the Week: Sometimes there is a red bar next to the small dot indication that the team/player has a chance to score. But what does the red bar mean?

Answer: The red bar helps inform you when the team is in the red zone. Another tip, if you hover over the small red dot, you will get some additional insight on exactly what’s going on in the game real-time.


QOTW: Placing a Player on IR

Question of the Week: How do you put a player on injured reserve?

Answer: On your team page, click the drop-down option in the Availability column and if the player is eligible, one of the options will be IR (vs. Bench for example). Choose that and click Save at the bottom.


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QOTW: Official NFL Stat Changes

Question of the Week: If there are any stat corrections in any given week, when are they applied to Fleaflicker’s scores?

Answer: The NFL issues official changes to the previous week’s games every Thursday. If such a change affects your league, Fleaflicker will automatically re-score the previous week’s games on Thursday at 4 PM ET. Any changes announced by the NFL after Thursday are not automatically applied your league (this seldom happens). However, commissioners can always manually edit box scores at any time.

If any fantasy match-up outcome is affected by the stat changes, your league will be automatically alerted. You can also see the exact stat changes for any prior weeks by navigating to Scores » Stat Changes.

Note: Commissioners can opt out of stat changes by going to League » Settings » Edit Tiebreak Rules » Retroactively apply official stat changes and selecting No.

(Answer copied from the Fleaflicker Owner’s Manual)

Football Drafts in Full Swing

Tons of fantasy football drafts are happening this week! Amp up the fun this season by joining a new league, and it’s not too late to start your own.


QOTW: Locking Free Agents

Question of the Week: How can I stop players from being first-come first-serve after waivers run this week?

Answer: If you don’t want anyone to be able to click Add vs. Claim in the pre-season, you need to go to League Settings > Edit Transaction Rules and set “Lock Free Agents During Preseason” to Yes. This will prevent any free agency periods through the end of Week 1.

QOTW: Canceling a Live Draft

Question of the Week: A player dropped out of the league minutes before the draft started and it wouldn’t let me cancel it so I could add someone else. Is there any way y’all can cancel the draft so we can add a new user?

Answer: Once a live draft starts, it needs to be finished, and settings are on lock-down until it’s done (including the addition and/or removal of owners, or adjusting roster requirements, etc.).

What you can do is to open the live draft room in a new tab and just let auto-draft to finish out the draft. When it’s done, you can go to League Settings > Clear Rosters to wipe the slate clean. The new owner can be added and then the draft can be rescheduled.

IR Suspended Settings Adjustment

Historically, “Suspended” has been an IR classification that was automatically grouped with “Out.” We heard from numerous commissioners who wanted to have the injury level set to Out but didn’t want Suspended grouped with it. For this reason, we have broken Suspended out as it’s own level.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 10.32.35 AM

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QOTW: Deleting Draft Picks

Question of the Week: We have keepers that go to certain rounds. For instance, Todd Gurley, if kept, is a third round keeper this year. How can I ensure that he goes to that team in the third round and that team does not draft in the 3rd round?  And that no one else picks up Gurley?

Answer: You would first want to make sure that all teams have their keepers set. This will prevent those players from being available in the player pool during the draft.

To remove a pick that represents a keeper in the draft, you can go to League Settings > Edit Draft Order and choose the “I want to edit the draft order round-by-round” option. Select the round you want to edit, and then in the pick’s drop-down feature in the Owner column, select the Delete Pick option and save.

The owner will still get all of the picks they need to fill their roster, but they will lose their pick for that round and one will get added to the end of the draft.

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