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QOTW: Unused Draft Picks

Question of the Week: My draft picks page is showing a bunch of “unused” draft picks and I cannot figure out why. I want to draft 6 rookies in our rookie draft but I only have 4 picks.

Answer: Unused draft picks represent a team’s keepers.

Let’s say your team has 40 rosters spots and 40 keepers allowed, and you have 36 keepers currently set. This leaves you with 4 viable picks in the draft, as you can only draft in as many rounds as needed to fill your roster. The 36 other picks will show in your draft pick list with a red highlight and the word “Unused.” If you want to draft in 6 rounds, you will need to decrease the keepers you have set to 34.

More info on setting up a rookie draft can be found here.

QOTW: MLB Starting Pitchers

Question of the Week: I cannot find on your site when Vince Valesquez, Tyler Chatwood, and Eduardo Rodriguez pitch this week. Where can I see this?

Answer: If a player is a projected started for the current day, you will see his match-up in bold, red font on your team page and in the player listing.  If you switch the “Showing”  drop-down at the top right of the page to “schedule” instead of “daily stats,” you will see which of your players are projected starters for the rest of the week. Continue reading “QOTW: MLB Starting Pitchers”

QOTW: 15 Day DL Removal

Question of the Week: I see you have just incorporated the 10 day Disabled List but you have removed the 15 day.  I was wondering why?

Answer: This is a change that Major League Baseball made in the off-season. Click here for more details from

New Feature: Rookie Designation

Last season, we heard from a lot of members that they would love to see rookies called out in some way. Their wish has been granted! Brand-new to Fleaflicker in 2017 is a new visual indicator that makes rookies easier to spot. Simply look for the new graduation cap icon!

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 2.38.47 PM

You can see this new icon in action in both NBA and NHL leagues now, and it will be added for newly drafted NFL players. (NFL rookies will be added to our system within 48 hours of being drafted.)

Continue reading “New Feature: Rookie Designation”

QOTW: Trade Processing Times

Question of the Week: I have two trades should have processed at 8AM (the 24 hour mark) but they say 11AM instead. Why is this?

Answer: The Fleaflicker system has processing windows set up every 4 hours. Depending on what time your trade was accepted, your wait for execution may be 24 hours or closer to 28 hours depending on the timing of the next processing window.

Get Into the Swing of Things


Fantasy baseball league commissioners are looking for a few good owners to join their leagues. Celebrate the coming of spring with America’s favorite past-time!

See who’s recruiting

Create your own league

Leagues drafting soon


QOTW: Determining Draft Order in Keeper Leagues

Question of the Week: I am doing a full team keeper league and am confused about how draft picks were ordered. Is there some way to go in and manually change it now or do i need to wait until closer to the draft?

Answer: For redraft and keeper leagues from the previous year, the draft order is determined by last season’s worst-to-first record from the regular season with two exceptions – the last team to draft is the league’s champion, and the second-to-last team to draft is the runner-up of the league. Continue reading “QOTW: Determining Draft Order in Keeper Leagues”

Free Competitive Edge for MLB

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 4.13.19 PMHere’s your chance to get Fleaflicker’s Competitive Edge for MLB baseball for free! Edge provides integrated extended player news and projections for MLB players.

How it works:

1) Create a brand-new league between 2/22 – 3/15/17

2) Recruit at least 4 new members to join Fleaflicker and your league

3) Send the league link to by 3/21

That’s it! As soon as we get the link and confirm items 1 and 2, you will get Edge turned on for the season.


QOTW: Opening Free Agency in 2017

Question of the Week: How do I open the player pool for waivers to run once a week and once a week only? Right now the draft hasn’t happened so all players are locked.

Answer: To open up free agency prior to your draft in a keeper league, you will need to go to League Settings > Edit Rosters, and select “These are complete rosters” in the bottom Keeper Options section. This will open up the player pool and you can adjust your waiver wire rules as needed.

To utilize your waiver system and have it run on the day of week you designate with no periods of first-come first-served free agency, make sure the League Settings > Edit Transaction Rules “Lock Free Agents During Preseason” setting is set to Yes.

Continue reading “QOTW: Opening Free Agency in 2017”

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