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New IDP Positions & Punters Added

Fleaflicker is excited to announce the addition of new NFL positions that have been popular requests from members:

  • Defensive Backs (DB) can now be broken out as Cornerbacks (CB) and Safeties (S) or these can be combined as a DB flex position
  • Defensive Linemen (DL) can now be broken out as Defensive Tackles (DT) and Defensive Ends (DE) or these can be combined as a DL flex position
  • Last but not least, Punters (P) have been added as an option


We hope you enjoy the addition of these new positions! To see additional scoring rules added for 2018, click here.


Opening Day 2018 Is Here

Celebrate MLB’s big debut by participating in a draft or create your own league.

Get in the Action: Leagues drafting today
Now Hiring: Commissioners seeking owners
Be the Boss: Create a league in seconds

Because everyone needs a little baseball in their lives!

QOTW: Handling Short Weeks

Question of the Week: Is it possible to nix short weeks or combine weeks on Fleaflicker?

Answer: In daily sports (MLB, NBA, and NHL), a short week may be combined with the next week only at the start or end of a season, however, this is not the case with weekly lineups.

There are two potential workarounds for this: Continue reading “QOTW: Handling Short Weeks”

Baseball Drafts in Full Swing

Fantasy baseball league commissioners are looking for new owners to join their leagues. Celebrate the arrival of spring with America’s favorite past-time!

Also, be sure to check out our new MLB scoring rules added this year and our plans for handling Shohei Ohtani.


QOTW: Holding Two Drafts

Question of the Week: Is it possible for me to do a dynasty startup draft and then have a separate draft for rookies only? We plan to do an email draft.

Answer: Yes, this is totally doable! Here’s an example flow to follow that works well with email drafts:

1) Set your roster requirements for total number of roster spots you want to fill  via League Settings > Edit Roster Requirements (startup roster + rookie roster = total roster spots)
Continue reading “QOTW: Holding Two Drafts”

Feature Alert: New NFL Scoring Rules


One of the things folks love most about Fleaflicker is the robust variety of customized scoring rules we offer. Get ready to do a touchdown dance as we unveil some newly added rules for 2018!

  1. Team Wins (QB and DS/T)
  2. Team Losses (QB and DS/T)
  3. Yards After Catch
  4. Yards After Contact
  5. Broken Tackles
  6. Touches (Receptions + Rushes)
  7. Penalties
  8. Yards Penalized
  9. QB Hits
  10. QB Hurries
  11. Blitzes
  12. Drops
  13. Dropped Passes (QB)
  14. Times Targeted (Defense)
  15. Completions Against
  16. Blocked Kick TDs (Either FG or Punt)

We look forward to seeing which ones you incorporate into your leagues this season to spice things up. Enjoy!

QOTW: All-Star Games Scheduling

Question of the Week: Is it possible to nix the short week and/or combine weeks on Fleaflicker given the all-star games?

Answer: In daily sports (MLB, NBA, and NHL), a short week may be combined with the next week only at the start or end of a season. (From the Owner’s Manual)

As a workaround, Commissioners can to remove match-ups for the week of the All-Star festivities altogether, so that it’s a “bye week” of sorts for the league. No fantasy games happen in your league that week, so no owners can be affected negatively.  Continue reading “QOTW: All-Star Games Scheduling”

New Feature: Keeper Counts

One of our top goals at Fleaflicker is to make every fantasy interaction easy, fast and simple.

We noticed that it was often a time-consuming proposition to have to count up the number of keepers currently set, particularly in larger fantasy leagues. Commissioners would often have to do this pre-draft for each and every team, and owners would have to do it as they were tweaking their keeper settings as well.

To remove the counting burden, we’ve added counters to each of the keeper setting areas. Continue reading “New Feature: Keeper Counts”

QOTW: Limiting Draft Rounds

Question of the Week: We are starting a new dynasty league with 30 players rostered. How can we have draft picks only limited to 5 rounds and not 30?

Answer: Once your league owners all set their keepers, you will see their number of viable picks reduce. For each keeper an owner sets, that is one less draft pick. So, in a league with 30 players on each roster, you would want each owner to set 25 keepers which will perfectly set you up for a 5-round draft.  Continue reading “QOTW: Limiting Draft Rounds”

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