Introducing New Fleaflicker Apps

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The official Fleaflicker App Version 2.0 is here for iOS and Android! The redesigned app makes it easier than ever to navigate leagues, set lineups and add players, and it is still the fastest way to enjoy Fleaflicker on your mobile device.

Updated features include:
– Smooth and intuitive interface
– Lightning fast load times
– Player headshots for all sports
– New and improved lineup setting flow
– Updated look and feel with light and dark theme options

Returning features include: 
– Ability to add and remove players
– Waiver claim submissions
– Instant scoring updates
– Activity updates
– Trading capabilities


Q: Why did we release the app early? 
A: We wanted to get feedback on the new experience and ensure ample time to address bugs and prioritize top feature requests ahead of the start of the NFL season.  We apologize that the release timing wasn’t ideal for dynasty leagues with rookie drafts in early May; we hope those owners were able to utilize the mobile web site without issue to participate in drafts and trade players.

Q: When are more features going to be added?
A: Trading capabilities are being released this week and the ability to view the draft board will be added by August 1. We also plan to provide access to the key commissioner settings later this year. While live drafting capability will not be added this year, it will still be an option on the mobile web site.

Q: How do I get back to the previous version?
A: If you want or need to utilize any of the features from the previous app, please visit on your mobile browser. If you find that you prefer that classic experience over the app, you can easily add a shortcut to the mobile site to your phone’s homescreen to make it easy to open. (Find instructions on how to do that here.)

Please contact us with any questions, comments or requests regarding the new apps — we want to hear from you!

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