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New 2019 NFL Scoring Rules Added


One of the things folks love most about Fleaflicker is the robust variety of customized scoring categories we offer. We’ve just added 11 new categories for 2019:

  1. Passing Completions of 20+ Yards
  2. Passing Completions of 40+ Yards
  3. Passing Completions of 60+ Yards
  4. Passing Sacked Yards
  5. Rushing Attempts of 20+ Yards
  6. Rushing Attempts of 40+ Yards
  7. Rushing Attempts of 60+ Yards
  8. Receiving Catches of 20+ Yards
  9. Receiving Catches of 40+ Yards
  10. Receiving Catches of 60+ Yards
  11. Defense Sack Yards

To test out any new scoring category, go to League > Settings > Edit Scoring Rules > Custom. You can apply the rule and then go into the player listing and look at any player’s past scoring breakdown to see the rule applied.

Check out the full list of 136 NFL scoring categories.

We look forward to seeing which ones you incorporate into your leagues this season to spice things up. Enjoy!

New Feature: Removing Suspended Players From IR Eligibility

A new and frequently-requested feature has arrived at Fleaflicker! Commissioners now have the ability to deem suspended players ineligible from the Injured Reserve section regardless of what the the Minimum Injury Level is set to.

You can find this setting by going to League > Settings > Edit Roster Requirements > Custom > Edit (located across from IR in the list).

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Introducing New Fleaflicker Apps

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 9.41.31 AM

The official Fleaflicker App Version 2.0 is here for iOS and Android! The redesigned app makes it easier than ever to navigate leagues, set lineups and add players, and it is still the fastest way to enjoy Fleaflicker on your mobile device.

Updated features include:
– Smooth and intuitive interface
– Lightning fast load times
– Player headshots for all sports
– New and improved lineup setting flow
– Updated look and feel with light and dark theme options Continue reading “Introducing New Fleaflicker Apps”

The 2019 Rookies Are Almost Here

The NFL draft is upon us! Who will land the next Saquon Barkley or Baker Mayfield?

Here’s what to expect at Fleaflicker:

#1: When are NFL rookies added?
NFL rookies are added to our player listing within 24-48 hours of the time they drafted, and then they’ll be evaluated and added to the overall rankings as quickly as possible. Undrafted free agents are added at the start of training camps. If you are looking to set up a rookie draft next week, May 1 or later is a safe bet!

#2: Can we run a rookie draft on Fleaflicker?
Commissioners who want to set up rookie-only drafts can do so using the recently added League >> Settings >> Configure Draft settings. This allows a commish to specify the exact number of rounds in a draft and provides the option to constrain the draft to rookies only. There is also a setting that allows commissioners to count players in the IR and Taxi Squad sections as separate from the draft or treat them just like any other players.

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The 2019 NFL Season Starts Today


Super Bowl LIII is a wrap which means the 2019 NFL season is prepped for action! Sign in today and activate your NFL leagues for the new season or create a brand-new league. Commissioners can now add and remove owners, prep for the draft, adjust league settings and more.

Wondering what’s new on Fleaflicker? Take a look at our “What’s New” page to review everything that’s been added since last spring, including draft enhancements, Taxi Squads, always-on waivers and more.

And if you are looking for a new challenge this year, check out this recruitment board with commissioners looking for new owners.

Here’s to a great 2019 fantasy season!

2018/19 NHL Mid-Season Eligibility Updates

If it is well documented that a player has changed positions or is consistently playing multiple positions after the season start, a dual eligibility update may be considered. However, Fleaflicker will never remove position eligibility mid-season. The player’s listed position with the NHL, past performances, depth charts and starting lineup data are all utilized to determine the position. Continue reading “2018/19 NHL Mid-Season Eligibility Updates”

NBA Countdown

basketball-sports-teams-players-71103The NBA season is just within reach! The buzzer sounds on the 2018-19 NBA season on Tuesday, Oct. 16.



ALERT: The NHL Season Starts Tonight

The puck drops on the 2018-19 NHL season on Wednesday, Oct. 3. Enhance your hockey season by joining a fantasy hockey league!


2018 NFL Player Eligibility Updates

The 2018 NFL season is close at hand and player eligibility reviews and updates have been completed. Our data provider makes the final decision on eligibility based on official rosters during the season, team media guides during the offseason and preseason insights. We try not to change eligibility after this time period unless absolutely necessary.

The following players on Offense have been approved for position changes: 

Alan Cross TE (from RB)
Dan Arnold TE (from WR)
Tavon Austin WR (from RB)

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