How To Solve a Problem Like Ohtani


Shohei Ohtani, the international baseball phenom described by some as Japan’s Babe Ruth, has taken the world of Major League Baseball by storm as he joins the roster of the Los Angeles Angels. The big question for fantasy sites is how a player like Ohtani, who pitches and may also see regular batting time, will be handled.

Here’s the approach we are planning at Fleaflicker. First of all, Ohtani has already been updated in our system to have dual eligibility as a pitcher and a designated hitter.  There will only be one instance of him in the player pool. Once he is drafted, owners will be able to choose which position to start him in for the week in weekly leagues and for the day in daily leagues. Owners will then accumulate points at the position he’s placed in the lineup.

So, if you place Ohtani in your pitching slot and he hits a home run, you won’t get that home run in your stats; you will only get his credit for his pitching stats. Likewise, if you slot him as a hitter and he earns a save as a relief pitcher, you don’t get that save. We feel this is the fairest approach for a player like Ohtani.

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