Fleaflicker App for IOS

Fleaflicker app for iOS

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the official Fleaflicker app for iOS! It’s available for download from the iTunes App Store. Add it to your iPhone and iPad today!

Here are the highlights:

Introducing the official Fleaflicker app for iOS, the fastest way to enjoy the full Fleaflicker fantasy sports platform experience on your iPhone and iPad. Whether you’re participating in fantasy football, baseball, basketball or hockey leagues, you’ll be able to access everything you need in the app all season long, from draft-time to playoffs.

– Get super-fast access to your leagues
– Make adjustments to your lineups on-the-fly
– Participate in your league’s draft
– Get up-to-the-minute scoring updates
– Check for vital player news updates
– Keep an eye on trade requests
– Adjust team or league settings

Coming Soon:
– Alert notifications

Looking for the Fleaflicker for Android app? Download it here.

We hope you enjoy the latest addition to Fleaflicker! If you have any comments or questions about the app, please contact us to let us know.

12 thoughts on “Fleaflicker App for IOS

  1. Checked out the iOS, looks great! Is the Android version on target to be available before the start of the season? We’d like for our league to be on even playing ground when things get rolling. Thanks!


  2. Your site is pretty good on mobile devices already. What is the app going to give users the responsive design website will not?


    1. Thanks for the kind words! The app provides smooth, fast “native” navigation and clean interface. One feature still to come is notifications (scoring updates, injury status alerts, etc.), which should add a lot of value to members.


    1. Nevermind, I missed the one line in the update that said that explicitly…lol

      “Participate in your league’s draft”


    2. Hi Kevin! You can participate in an email or live draft via the mobile app just like you can via mobile web. In general though, we recommend using a desktop, laptop or tablet for live drafting just because you are able to see all aspects of the draft room in one view. Hope this helps!


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