QOTW: Unused Draft Picks

Question of the Week: My draft picks page is showing a bunch of “unused” draft picks and I cannot figure out why. I want to draft 6 rookies in our rookie draft but I only have 4 picks.

Answer: Unused draft picks represent a team’s keepers.

Let’s say your team has 40 rosters spots and 40 keepers allowed, and you have 36 keepers currently set. This leaves you with 4 viable picks in the draft, as you can only draft in as many rounds as needed to fill your roster. The 36 other picks will show in your draft pick list with a red highlight and the word “Unused.” If you want to draft in 6 rounds, you will need to decrease the keepers you have set to 34.

More info on setting up a rookie draft can be found here.

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