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For Love of the Game: New MLB Scoring Rules

pexels-photo-139762 (2)As MLB players report to spring training, we are excited to share about the addition of seven new scoring rules that commissioners can consider adding for the 2018 fantasy baseball season:

  1. Net wins (wins minus losses)
  2. Wins + quality starts
  3. Blown saves
  4. Double plays turned (DPT)
  5. Fielding percentage (FPCT)
  6. Save opportunities (SOP)
  7. Total chances

Play ball!

New Feature: Allow $0 Bids (Or Don’t!)

New this year to Fleaflicker is the ability to allow or disallow $0 bids in blind bidding (FAAB) waiver auctions. So commissioners,  if you prefer to ensure all of your owners are bidding at least $1 for players, visit League Settings > Edit Waiver Wire Rules to update this setting to No. Or, keep it set to the default Yes if you are fine with $0 bids.

We hope this gives commissioners added flexibility in any FAAB leagues!

New Feature: Mark All as Read

Good news to those of you who have been hoping for an easier way to clear out old forum messages and activity log entries, the feature you have been asking for has arrived!

New this month is a “Mark All as Read” button added to both the league Messages forum and the Recent Activity log. Continue reading “New Feature: Mark All as Read”

QOTW: Opening Free Agency Pre-Draft

Question of the Week: How do I open the player pool for waivers to run once a week and once a week only? Right now the draft hasn’t happened so all players are locked.

Answer: To open up free agency prior to your draft in a keeper league, you will need to go to League Settings > Edit Rosters, and select “These are complete rosters” in the bottom Keeper Options section and click Save. This will open up the player pool and you can adjust your waiver wire rules as needed.

Continue reading “QOTW: Opening Free Agency Pre-Draft”

Let the 2018 NFL Season Begin


Good news, the 2018 NFL season is already upon us! Sign in today and activate your NFL leagues for the new season. Commissioners can add and remove owners, prep for the draft, adjust league settings and more.

Here’s to a great new season — the sky’s the limit!

QOTW: Setting Keepers

Question of the Week: How can I set the keepers for my owners?

Answer: Commissioners have two options for setting keepers in their leagues.  Continue reading “QOTW: Setting Keepers”

2017 Playoff Champions

Are you celebrating a Fleaflicker playoff win? If so, congrats from us! Be sure to spread the joy by sharing this image with your friends and family.
And hey, if you didn’t snag the trophy in 2017, don’t worry — 2018 could just be your year!
Happy New Year from your friends at Fleaflicker.

How To Solve a Problem Like Ohtani


Shohei Ohtani, the international baseball phenom described by some as Japan’s Babe Ruth, has taken the world of Major League Baseball by storm as he joins the roster of the Los Angeles Angels. The big question for fantasy sites is how a player like Ohtani, who pitches and may also see regular batting time, will be handled.

Continue reading “How To Solve a Problem Like Ohtani”

Mid-Season Opportunities


Did you know that you can still start new NFL, NHL and NBA leagues on Fleaflicker? There are also commissioners looking for replacement owners. It’s not too late to shape up a team and get them into the playoffs!

Start a League: NFL | NHL | NBA

Take Over a Team: NFL | NHL | NBA

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