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New 2019 NFL Scoring Rules Added


One of the things folks love most about Fleaflicker is the robust variety of customized scoring categories we offer. We’ve just added 11 new categories for 2019:

  1. Passing Completions of 20+ Yards
  2. Passing Completions of 40+ Yards
  3. Passing Completions of 60+ Yards
  4. Passing Sacked Yards
  5. Rushing Attempts of 20+ Yards
  6. Rushing Attempts of 40+ Yards
  7. Rushing Attempts of 60+ Yards
  8. Receiving Catches of 20+ Yards
  9. Receiving Catches of 40+ Yards
  10. Receiving Catches of 60+ Yards
  11. Defense Sack Yards

To test out any new scoring category, go to League > Settings > Edit Scoring Rules > Custom. You can apply the rule and then go into the player listing and look at any player’s past scoring breakdown to see the rule applied.

Check out the full list of 136 NFL scoring categories.

We look forward to seeing which ones you incorporate into your leagues this season to spice things up. Enjoy!

50 Best Fantasy Football Team Names of 2018

It’s that time again where we share the funniest team names we’ve spotted on Fleaflicker. Thank you for keeping your leagues (and us) entertained! Continue reading “50 Best Fantasy Football Team Names of 2018”

League-Wide Upgrade Contest

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 4.13.19 PMWant a chance at getting a FREE upgrade to Fleaflicker’s Competitive Edge for your ENTIRE league this season?

Simply share your honest review and a link to the site on Twitter, Instagram, personal blog or Facebook review and then email us. We’ll choose a couple of leagues each day at random to enjoy brand-new league-wide Edge upgrades. Continue reading “League-Wide Upgrade Contest”

All About That Email Draft

Fleaflicker offers three different draft options, the live draft, an import rosters feature for offline drafts, and an email draft. This article walks through the ins and outs of the email draft.

Fleaflicker’s convenient email draft tool is the perfect option for commissioners who anticipate having a hard time coordinating a live draft date and time or simply want to take their time with the draft.

You can start a live draft whenever you like, and owners can visit the site at their convenience to make their draft selection. All members of the league will get notified via email as each pick is made.

Here’s how the email draft works:  Continue reading “All About That Email Draft”

Fleaflicker’s New ESPN Import Tool

fleaguy100Calling all ESPN NFL league commissioners! We’re excited to debut a new import tool available on Fleaflicker this week. Our new tool will allow you to move your ESPN league to Fleaflicker with one magical click, including:

  • League settings and rules
  • League rosters
  • Complete league history, including past standings, boxscores and playoff brackets

Switching from ESPN to Fleaflicker or just seeing what your league would look like on our platform has never been easier.

To try it out, simply sign in or sign up for Fleaflicker (it’s free!) and then select the green “New League” button located on Then choose “Import from Another Site” and copy in your ESPN league URL and credentials and click Import League and then Fleaflicker does the rest! Continue reading “Fleaflicker’s New ESPN Import Tool”

Beep, Beep: Taxi Squads Are Here!

pexels-photo-590059One of the most popular feature requests we’ve received over the last year is for taxi squads. We are happy to announce that they have launched and are ready for activation. Continue reading “Beep, Beep: Taxi Squads Are Here!”

New IDP Positions & Punters Added

Fleaflicker is excited to announce the addition of new NFL positions that have been popular requests from members:

  • Defensive Backs (DB) can now be broken out as Cornerbacks (CB) and Safeties (S) or these can be combined as a DB flex position
  • Defensive Linemen (DL) can now be broken out as Defensive Tackles (DT) and Defensive Ends (DE) or these can be combined as a DL flex position
  • Last but not least, Punters (P) have been added as an option


We hope you enjoy the addition of these new positions! To see additional scoring rules added for 2018, click here.


Feature Alert: New NFL Scoring Rules


One of the things folks love most about Fleaflicker is the robust variety of customized scoring rules we offer. Get ready to do a touchdown dance as we unveil some newly added rules for 2018!

  1. Team Wins (QB and DS/T)
  2. Team Losses (QB and DS/T)
  3. Yards After Catch
  4. Yards After Contact
  5. Broken Tackles
  6. Touches (Receptions + Rushes)
  7. Penalties
  8. Yards Penalized
  9. QB Hits
  10. QB Hurries
  11. Blitzes
  12. Drops
  13. Dropped Passes (QB)
  14. Times Targeted (Defense)
  15. Completions Against
  16. Blocked Kick TDs (Either FG or Punt)

We look forward to seeing which ones you incorporate into your leagues this season to spice things up. Enjoy!

New Feature: Keeper Counts

One of our top goals at Fleaflicker is to make every fantasy interaction easy, fast and simple.

We noticed that it was often a time-consuming proposition to have to count up the number of keepers currently set, particularly in larger fantasy leagues. Commissioners would often have to do this pre-draft for each and every team, and owners would have to do it as they were tweaking their keeper settings as well.

To remove the counting burden, we’ve added counters to each of the keeper setting areas. Continue reading “New Feature: Keeper Counts”

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