2019/20 NBA Mid-Season Eligibility Updates

The 2019/20 NBA season is at the mid-season point and player eligibility updates have been made. The reason we update at this point is to account for players who are playing at other positions (some or perhaps even all of the time) other than the position they were designated to play at the start of the season. NBA eligibility updates only occur one time after the season start; during the All-Star break.

While Fleaflicker will never remove eligibility, we may add dual eligibility on a case-by-case basis. For example, if a player was designated PG at the start of the season, but is now playing both PG and SG, we’d update him to have eligibility for both positions (G). However, even if he has permanently moved to SG, we will still maintain the PG for the remainder of the season.

Owners may notice that an eligibility update has taken them over the maximum for one of the positions. They will need to either reduce a player at the position over the max, or they can ask their commissioner about increasing the maximum for the position. (League > Settings > Edit Roster Requirements > Custom)

The following players have been reviewed and approved for dual eligibility updates, effective 2/14/2020:

Adam MokokaG
Anthony TolliverF/C
BJ JohnsonSG/SF
Blake GriffinPF/C
Bradley BealSG/SF
Brian BowenSG/SF
Bruce BrownG/SF
Caleb MartinSG/SF
Chris ChiozzaG
Cody ZellerPF/C
Daryl MaconG
Daulton HommesSG/F
David KramerG
Davon ReedSG/SF
Deandre AytonPF/C
Dewayne DedmonPF/C
Donta HallPG/PF/C
Donte GranthamF
Draymond GreenPG/PF/C
Elie OkoboG
Eric MikaPF/C
Garrett TempleG/SF
Gary ClarkF/C
Gary TrentSG/SF
Glenn RobinsonSG/F
Grant WilliamsF/C
Isaac BongaPG/F
Isaac HumphriesPF/C
James JohnsonF/C
Jarrett CulverG/SF
Javonte GreenG
Jeff TeagueG
Jerome RobinsonSG/SF
Jimmy ButlerG/SF
Johnathan MotleyPF/C
Johnathan WilliamsF/C
Jordan ClarksonG/SF
Jordan McRaeG/SF
Jordan PooleG/SF
Juan Toscano-AndersonF
Justin JacksonSG/F
Kadeem AllenG
Kawhi LeonardSG/F
Kelan MartinF
Kendrick NunnG
Kevin HuerterG/SF
Kobi SimmonsG
Kris DunnG/SF
Kyle AndersonSG/F
Lance ThomasF
Landry ShametG/SF
Luguentz DortSG/SF
Malcolm MillerSG/SF
Matt MooneyG
Michael Carter-WilliamsG
Mychal MulderG
Naz Mitrou-LongG
P.J. DozierG/SF
P.J. WashingtonF/C
Paul GeorgeSG/F
Paul WatsonG/SF
Raul NetoG
Ray SpaldingPF/C
Rui HachimuraPF/C
T.J. LeafF/C
Tariq OwensPF/C
Terance MannG/SF
Terence DavisG/SF
Terry RozierG
Theo PinsonG/SF
Timothe Luwawu-CabarrotF
Todd WithersPG/SF
Tony SnellSG/F
Trey BurkeG
Trey LylesPF/C
Troy BrownSG/F
Ty JeromeG
Tyrone WallaceG/SF
Tyus BattleG/SF
Tyus JonesG
Vic LawF
Zach NorvellG

Note: PG/SG will show as G; PF/SF will show as F.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns about eligibility. We hope you continue enjoying your season of fantasy basketball on Fleaflicker!

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