2019/20 NHL Mid-Season Eligibility Updates

The 2019/20 NHL season is at the mid-season point and player eligibility updates have been made. The primary reason we update at this point is to account for players who have shifted consistently to another position that they weren’t playing at the start of the season.

While Fleaflicker will never remove eligibility, we may add dual eligibility on a case-by-case basis. For example, if a player was designated LW at the start of the season, but is now primarily playing RW, we’d update him to have both LW and RW eligibility (W). However, even if he has permanently moved to RW, we will still maintain the LW for the remainder of the season.

Owners may notice that one the updates has taken them over the maximum for one of the positions. They will need to either reduce a player at the position over the max, or they can ask their commissioner about increasing the maximum for the position. (League > Settings > Edit Roster Requirements > Custom)

The following players have been reviewed and approved for dual eligibility updates, effective 1/26/2020:

Anders BjorkC/RW
Andrei SvechnikovW
Andrew CoppC/LW
Anthony DuclairW
Blake WheelerC/RW
Chandler StephensonC/LW
Chris WagnerW
Colin WilsonC/RW
Connor BrownW
Darren HelmW
David ClarksonW
Denis MalginC/RW
Derick BrassardF
Dominic ToninatoC/LW
Dominik SimonW
Drake CaggiulaW
Dylan StromeF
Elias LindholmC/RW
Emil BemstromW
Erik HaulaC/LW
Frank VatranoW
Frederik GauthierC/RW
Gaetan HaasC/RW
Gustav NyquistW
J.T. CompherC/RW
J.T. MillerW
James NealW
Jamie BennC/LW
Jared McCannC/LW
Joe PavelskiW
Johan LarssonC/RW
Jonathan DrouinW
Joonas DonskoiW
Jordan KyrouW
Jujhar KhairaC/LW
Kevin RooneyC/LW
Kyle TurrisF
Leo KomarovC/RW
Marcus JohanssonW
Max DomiC/LW
Melker KarlssonW
Michael Dal ColleW
Mikkel BoedkerW
Nate ThompsonC/LW
Nick SchmaltzF
Nick ShoreC/RW
Noel AcciariC/RW
Nolan PatrickC/RW
Oliver BjorkstrandW
Ryan CarpenterC/LW
Sam BennettW
Stefan NoesenC/RW
Tobias RiederW
Tom KuhnhacklW
Travis BoydW
Tyler BozakF
Tyler EnnisW
Tyler JohnsonF
Vladimir SobotkaC/LW
Zac RinaldoC/LW
Zemgus GirgensonsC/LW

Note: LW/RW will show as W; C/LW/RW will show as F.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns about eligibility. We hope you continue enjoying your season of fantasy hockey on Fleaflicker!

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