New Waiver Claim Resolutions

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why another owner succeeded in winning a claim instead of you, be sure to check out the Activity Log for clarity!

You can now hover (desktop) or tap (mobile web and app) over the words “Total claims” in order to see if an owner won because they had the higher waiver priority:

Or a higher bid amount:

The Activity Log also provides you with additional messaging if your claim was unable to process.

For example, you would see this message if you dropped a player who would have been dropped as part of the claim in advance of the claim processing:

And if the roster requirements were updated by the commissioner after you put your claim in, you may see the following message:

We hope you enjoy the new functionality! We’ve had a few requests to add a customizable commissioner setting that will allow bid amounts to be hidden, so we may look to add that in the future.

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