New 2019 NFL Scoring Rules Added


One of the things folks love most about Fleaflicker is the robust variety of customized scoring categories we offer. We’ve just added 11 new categories for 2019:

  1. Passing Completions of 20+ Yards
  2. Passing Completions of 40+ Yards
  3. Passing Completions of 60+ Yards
  4. Passing Sacked Yards
  5. Rushing Attempts of 20+ Yards
  6. Rushing Attempts of 40+ Yards
  7. Rushing Attempts of 60+ Yards
  8. Receiving Catches of 20+ Yards
  9. Receiving Catches of 40+ Yards
  10. Receiving Catches of 60+ Yards
  11. Defense Sack Yards

To test out any new scoring category, go to League > Settings > Edit Scoring Rules > Custom. You can apply the rule and then go into the player listing and look at any player’s past scoring breakdown to see the rule applied.

Check out the full list of 136 NFL scoring categories.

We look forward to seeing which ones you incorporate into your leagues this season to spice things up. Enjoy!

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