New Feature: Removing Suspended Players From IR Eligibility

A new and frequently-requested feature has arrived at Fleaflicker! Commissioners now have the ability to deem suspended players ineligible from the Injured Reserve section regardless of what the the Minimum Injury Level is set to.

You can find this setting by going to League > Settings > Edit Roster Requirements > Custom > Edit (located across from IR in the list).



Note: The “Allow Suspended” setting will only show as an option if the IR is currently set to a level higher than Suspended in the Minimum Injury Allowed drop-down. If you don’t see the setting, you likely need to change your Minimum Injury Level first.

Prior to this, if you wanted the level set to Doubtful, Questionable, Probably or Healthy in NFL leagues, you would have to have included Suspended as an eligible designation.

We hope you enjoy this new capability on Fleaflicker!

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