QOTW: Scheduling Conference Playoff Match-ups

Question of the Week: My league has conferences. How can I ensure there are only conference match-ups until the final playoff game?

Answer: There are two things you will need to do the week the playoffs start to ensure that teams from each conference or division keep playing each other through the playoffs until the final match-up.

  1. You will want to turn the “Re-Seed After Each Round” setting to “No” via League >> Settings >> Edit Playoff Schedule.
  2. During the week the playoffs start, you will have access to League >> Settings >> Edit Playoff Seeding. Use this feature to rearrange the playoff seeds so that each set of conference/division teams so that they play each other in the initial Round 1 match-ups. Then with re-seeding turned off, they will continue on in separate brackets until the end.

For example, in a six-team playoff bracket, you would put your teams in this order:

  • Seed 1: Conference 1 Top Team
  • Seed 2: Conference 2 Top Team
  • Seed 3: Conference 2 Team #2
  • Seed 4: Conference 1 Team #2
  • Seed 5: Conference 1 Team #3
  • Seed 6: Conference 2 Team #3

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