Beep, Beep: Taxi Squads Are Here!

pexels-photo-590059One of the most popular feature requests we’ve received over the last year is for taxi squads. We are happy to announce that they have launched and are ready for activation.

What’s a Taxi Squad?
Taxi Squads, also referred to as practice squads, allow owners to place players (typically rookies) in a dedicated section separate from the main roster and the IR (Injured Reserve). Fleaflicker now offers a dedicated Taxi Squad section.

How do I add it?
It can be added via League > Settings > Edit Roster Requirements > Add Taxi Squad.

What customization options are there?
Currently you can add the section and choose to allow between 1 and 30 players. If you are looking for “rookies only” enforcement, we don’t have a setting for this currently (though we hope to add it in the future), but for now you can simply communicate to your league members if you have a custom rule like “rookies only” for this section.

I added it to my MLB league and it’s making me add players to the Taxi Squad section daily. What gives?
If the commissioner adds the Taxi Squad positions after the start of the season, and some owners have already set up future lineups, then they will need to update each of those future lineups with their Taxi Squad updates. (We wouldn’t want the system to override anything that was previously customized in regards to the lineup.) When the owners get through all of the future lineups that were set, this will no longer be an issue.

Why is it called a Taxi Squad? 
We had to look this one up too! Here’s what we found on “The founder of the Cleveland Browns, Arthur McBride, was a very wealthy man during his lifetime. He made a lot of money in various business, one of which was a taxi cab company. As it turns out, if one of the players in his employment was injured or was kept on the roster for depth, he would put them to work driving taxis – this is where the term taxi squad comes from.”

We hope you enjoy this new addition to the site! If you have any questions or comments, please send them our way at



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