QOTW: Handling Short Weeks

Question of the Week: Is it possible to nix short weeks or combine weeks on Fleaflicker?

Answer: In daily sports (MLB, NBA, and NHL), a short week may be combined with the next week only at the start or end of a season, however, this is not the case with weekly lineups.

There are two potential workarounds for this:

  1. Commissioners can remove match-ups for the short week so that it’s a “bye week” of sorts for the entire league. No fantasy games happen in your league that week, so no owners can be affected negatively. Here are the precise steps to take (best followed on a desktop computer):
    1. First, go to Settings > Edit Regular Season Schedule
    2. Select Custom
    3. Choose the week you want to make a bye week in the date selector drop-down
    4. Drag and drop each team from the left Match-ups column to the Not Playing box on the right
    5. When the left column is completely empty, click Save at the bottom
  2. Commissioners can manually combine the weeks. Here are the steps the commish would need to take to implement this workaround:
    1. Keep the match-ups in place for one of the weeks but set the other week to a bye week (follow steps outlined in option 1 to achieve this)
    2. Inform owners to set their players for both weeks
    3. Take each team’s final scores from the short week (these will show up in the Top Scores column that appears on the Scores page in the left column of the desktop view) and add them to the final scores for the long week using League Settings > Edit Past Box Score, so the win/loss in contingent on the whole time period using the blended scores and not just the one week

In the future, we plan to put something in place to handle this better automatically for commissioners!

Please reach out to us at info@fleaflicker.com if you need additional assistance.

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