Question of the Week: Is it possible for me to do a dynasty startup draft and then have a separate draft for rookies only? We plan to do an email draft.

Answer: Yes, this is totally doable! Here’s an example flow to follow that works well with email drafts:

1) Set your roster requirements for total number of roster spots you want to fill  via League Settings > Edit Roster Requirements (startup roster + rookie roster = total roster spots)

2) When you are ready to start your first draft for your initial startup players, go to  League Settings > Edit Draft Options and choose the option to start the email draft; be sure to communicate to the league not to go beyond the round where you want to stop the draft.

3) When you reach the point where you want to stop drafting the startup players, go to League Settings > Edit Draft Options and choose “No draft, I’ll import the rosters” and click Save to stop the draft.

4) If this is a redraft league, you can proceed to #5. If this is a dynasty/keeper league, you will need to save your players drafted so far as keepers so they are retained when you start the rookie draft. To do this, go to League Settings > Edit Keeper Rules and update that number to match your number of players drafted so far or higher. Then go to League Settings > Import/Edit Rosters and in the bottom Keeper Options section, choose “These are keepers only (for all teams) and click Save.

5) Rookie draft time! Rookies will be added within 24 hours of being signed to teams, so when you are ready to start this draft, go to League Settings > Edit Draft Options and choose the email draft option again; the draft will start back up right where you left off.

Extra Tips:

  • It might be a good idea to hold your startup draft prior to April 28 if you want to ensure no rookies are in the draft pool.
  • The number of keepers you allow can be adjusted back down after the rookie draft is completed. Simply ask your owners to go to Team > Settings > Keepers to adjust the number set to your specifications. The commish can also do this for any team as needed via League Settings > Set Keepers. Once all of the teams have done this, the commish can adjust the number back to the intended total.
  • If anyone does go past the point in the draft where you want to stop between drafts, just have the owner(s) cut the players they just drafted past the stopping point; this will back up the draft.

Please contact us at if you have additional draft configuration questions, we’re happy to help!