QOTW: Limiting Draft Rounds

Question of the Week: We are starting a new dynasty league with 30 players rostered. How can we have draft picks only limited to 5 rounds and not 30?

Answer: Once your league owners all set their keepers, you will see their number of viable picks reduce. For each keeper an owner sets, that is one less draft pick. So, in a league with 30 players on each roster, you would want each owner to set 25 keepers which will perfectly set you up for a 5-round draft. 

If any owner has a variation from that — let’s say they have 24 keepers set instead of 25, then you will have an extra round at the end of the draft. The tool will always schedule the draft to go as many rounds needed to ensure each roster is filled.

For more details on helping owners set their keepers, check out this article.

And for more details on setting up rookie drafts, please visit this article.

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