QOTW: Opening Free Agency Pre-Draft

Question of the Week: How do I open the player pool for waivers to run once a week and once a week only? Right now the draft hasn’t happened so all players are locked.

Answer: To open up free agency prior to your draft in a keeper league, you will need to go to League Settings > Edit Rosters, and select “These are complete rosters” in the bottom Keeper Options section and click Save. This will open up the player pool and you can adjust your waiver wire rules as needed.

To utilize your waiver system and have it run on the day of week you designate with no periods of first-come first-served free agency, make sure the League Settings > Edit Transaction Rules “Free Agents During Preseason (After Draft)” setting is set to “On waivers”. Set it to “Unlocked” if you want players to be available first-come first-serve.

To turn on blind bidding during this time period, go to League Settings > Edit Waiver Wire Rules, set it to “Blind Bid Auction” and set your budget.

When you are ready to transition back to draft mode, simply go back to League Settings > Edit Rosters, and select “These are complete rosters but still draft this season” and click Save in order to start setting up your draft.

NOTE: One important thing to keep in mind — when you select “These are the complete rosters,” the system thinks you have already drafted, and you won’t be able to see the current season’s draft picks. However, they will be retained and you will see them again when you switch back into draft mode. For options on how to handle the trading of the current season’s draft picks in this situation, please check out this blog post.

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