QOTW: Commish-Executed Trades

Question of the Week: We had a trade executed over the weekend. After the trade was executed, it moved the players and the points for the week.  We thought the trade wouldn’t have any effect until next week. Is there a way to restore the lost points for the team affected?

Answer:  If a commissioner executes a trade (vs. letting it process normally), it will immediately move the players and their associated points. If this was not desired, the commish can use League Settings > Edit Rosters to remove and then re-add the players back to the original rosters.  The commish can also use League Settings > Set Starting Lineups if the players need to go into the starting lineup. (This needs to be done by midnight on Monday night in NFL leagues in order to have them in place for the week when it finalizes. ) Then on Tuesday, the commish can move the players back to their new positions.

Another option — the commish can wait until the week has finalized and simply adjust the final box score ( League Settings > Edit Past Box Score) to add or remove the points from each team as needed.

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