All Hail the Commissioner’s Note

fleaguy300We’re excited to debut a new feature today!

Commissioners, have you ever wished you could post a special notice on the main league home page, a sticky note of sorts? Now you can! Introducing the Commissioner’s Note.

Where to Find It:

You’ll find the call-to-action “Add commissioner’s note” conveniently located on the main league home page, just under “Standings” and above the table. (Please note that this link will only appear to commissioners and co-commissioners of the league.)


Adding a Note:

Click/tap the “Add commissioner’s note” link to open up a text edit field where you can add text, links and/or images and then style your message to share with your league.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 1.39.09 PM

You can set the note to expire on a certain date (at which time it will just disappear), or you can keep it as the default — no expiration date set — which will keep it up until you remove or change it.

Also, only the league owners will see the Commissioner’s Note — anyone else visiting the page won’t be able to view it. (We may look to enhance this to offer the ability to make the note contents public in the future if that functionality is requested, so let us know if this is something you need/want.)

Styling a Note:

To style your note or to embed links or images, you can use the strip of icons across the top. Select the “?” icon at the end of the strip to see the full listing of “markdown” options. The markdown consists of characters you can add alongside your text to help customize the formatting. For example, if you add two asterisks before and after a word, like **bold**, this will bold the text in between. If you add a hashtag (#) and space before a sentence, this will bump up the size to the largest header size.

Editing a Note:

Click/tap the “Edit commissioner’s note” link below your note section and update as needed, then click/tap the save button.


Adding a Link:

When you click on the icon in the strip to add a link, you will get code inserted that looks like this: [](http://)

What you want to do with that is put your text that you want to be clickable in the first set of brackets, and then put your full URL that the text should link to in the parenthesis where you see http://. Here’s what it should look like when you are done:
[Click on this link](

Hit save and you should be able to see that your text is now clickable. Be sure to test the link to make sure it works.

Adding a Web Image:

You can now add graphics to your league page using the Commissioner’s Note feature, giving you additional personalization and branding capability. Here’s how it works with a image from the Web:

  1. Place your cursor where you want your image to go in your text editor and then click on the image icon from the top strip. This will add the code you need to add an image.
  2. Go to and search for an image. (For example, to find the image in the screenshot below, I used the term “nfl header” when searching.)
  3. Click once to select the image you want and then click the “View image” option. This will open the image in a new window. Highlight and copy the URL. It should end in an image file name, like so:
  4. Copy the image URL into your text editor on your league home page, just between the parenthesis. Be sure to include the http:// part. Click save. If the image appears broken, try it again, making sure you only have an http:// URL inside the parenthesis and that it ends in an image file name like jpg or png. If you still have no luck, please contact us for help.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 2.35.06 PM

Adding a Custom Image:

If you have a custom image you want to use, you just need to upload it at a site like (You don’t need an account to upload an image there.)

  1. Click on “New post” and then “Upload Images”, and then drag your image to the resulting window.
  2. After your image is uploaded, hover over it, click on the down arrow, and then select “Get share links.”
  3. Select the “Markdown (Reddit)” option and copy and paste that into your text editor on your league home page, and then remove any text that was added beyond the http:// URL. The full line should look like this upon completion:  ![](

Additional Image Tips:

  • A thin, horizontal image is likely to look better on the page and won’t push the table down too much.
  • If you notice that the page is loading slower after image has been added, you may need to use a tool like Photoshop or a site like to compress the image down in size so that it doesn’t add extra weight to the page. We’d recommend trying to keep the image under 100KB in file size.
  • And yes, animated gifs can be added to the Commissioner’s Note as well! Like regular images, we recommend keeping the file size as low as possible to avoid anyone in your league experiencing slow load issues.

We hope you enjoy the new Commissioner’s Note! If you have any questions, please contact us for assistance.

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