Question of the Week: Is there any way to stop an email draft in a keeper league early if I need to make a change to the draft order? I want to retain the players drafted so far.

Answer: You can temporarily stop an email draft in a keeper or redraft league, make the change and then restart the draft. (Note: This does not apply to live drafts. Once a live draft starts, it must be finished.)

To do this, go to League Settings > Edit Draft Options and choose “No draft, I’ll import the rosters” and click Save.

Next, in a keeper league, you will want to save everyone drafted so far as keepers so they don’t get inadvertently dropped. To do this, go to Edit Rosters and choose “These are keepers only (for all teams)” in the bottom Keeper Options section and click Save.

Then, go into Edit Draft Order (if you need to change the overall order or round-by-round order) or Edit Keeper Rules (the snake options are located here) to make any needed draft order changes. You could also update the roster requirements at this time if needed via Edit Roster Requirements.

Once completed, go back to Edit Draft Options and choose the email draft option which will start things back up where you left off.

Please reach out to us via our Contact form if you need any assistance with your draft setup.