QOTW: All-Star Games Scheduling

Question of the Week: Is it possible to combine weeks on Fleaflicker given holiday shortened/all-star week?

Answer: In daily sports (MLB, NBA, and NHL), a short week may be combined with the next week only at the start or end of a season. (From the Owner’s Manual)

One thing that Commissioners can do is to remove match-ups for the week of the All-Star festivities altogether, so that it’s a “bye week” of sorts for the league. No fantasy games happen in your league that week, so no owners can be affected negatively. The Commish can make this adjustment by utilizing League Settings > Edit Regular Season Schedule.

Here are the precise steps to take (best followed on a desktop computer):

1) First, go to Settings > Edit Regular Season Schedule

2) Select Custom

3) Choose the week you want to make a bye week in the date selector drop-down

4) Drag and drop each team from the left Match-ups column to the Not Playing box on the right

5) When the left column is completely empty, click Save at the bottom

That’s it!

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