QOTW: Post-Season Player Pool Access

Question of the Week: Our season just ended. Why are all of the players locked in the player listing?

Answer: Some league settings go on lock-down after the previous season’s playoffs complete so that we can finalize the results and also prep for the new season. Leagues will be able to be activated for the new season on 2/14/17.

What IS available between now and 2/14:
– Trading between owners of players or draft picks
– Owners can access Team > Settings > Keepers to update their keepers
– Ability for the commish to edit scoring rules, waiver wire rules, transaction rules
– Ability for the commish to edit the rosters to make any player removals or additions needed
– Commish can use League > Settings to clear non-keepers once everyone has them set

What IS NOT available until 2/14:
– Opening the player pool and running waivers
– Replacement or addition of new owners
– Changes to the roster requirements

Our apologies for any inconvenience this causes. We are looking to shorten this “dark” period in the future.

*Note: While trades are not restricted during this time-frame between active owners, if a league has any owner-less teams, they won’t be able to participate in trades. The commish can opt to approve trade offers offline and then use Edit Rosters (now) to make the player moves, and Edit Draft Order (after 2/14) to set up any draft pick trades. Another option would be for the trades to get set up on 2/14 with a new owner in place and then they can be pushed through at that time.

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