Ty Montgomery Position Update

Due to Green Bay using Ty Montgomery more in the RB position vs. WR in last week’s game, we have expanded his designation to include both positions so that owners can choose which position to start him in. Duality decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, looking at different criteria. Sites like ESPN Fantasy and Rotoworld also updated Montgomery this week.

There are two complexities to be aware of and potentially solve for with duality players:

  1. Maximum Roster Settings: Players with duality will be counted against the max settings for each position. This is the same across all of our sports. (Duality is actually quite common in the NHL, NBA and MLB, but hybrid positions are less common in the NFL.)

    Commissioners can decide if the situation warrants an adjustment to the maximum settings for RBs and/or WRs given the situation via League Settings > Edit Roster Requirements. Many of our commissioners are making the adjustment, but letting the league know that the max increase can be used only with players with duality.

    If this update has resulted in your roster being illegal, FYI that you can still accrue points and they will count; in other words, you aren’t forced to cut anyone before setting your lineup for the week in order to qualify for your match-up. The illegal status only prevents you from making new roster additions until the issue is addressed.

  2. Custom Scoring Rules: If your league has custom scoring rules set up that apply different scores for RBs vs. WRs, players with duality may have both rules count. What commissioners can do is to let the owner know that their final box score (League Settings > Edit Past Box Scores) will be adjusted to subtract any points that shouldn’t apply when the box scores are finalized.

In the future, we hope to offer an option where players with duality can be locked in one position or the other in order to avoid these sorts of complexities!


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