QOTW: Official NFL Stat Changes

Question of the Week: If there are any stat corrections in any given week, when are they applied to Fleaflicker’s scores?

Answer: The NFL issues official changes to the previous week’s games every Thursday. If such a change affects your league, Fleaflicker will automatically re-score the previous week’s games on Thursday at 4 PM ET. Any changes announced by the NFL after Thursday are not automatically applied your league (this seldom happens). However, commissioners can always manually edit box scores at any time.

If any fantasy match-up outcome is affected by the stat changes, your league will be automatically alerted. You can also see the exact stat changes for any prior weeks by navigating to Scores » Stat Changes.

Note: Commissioners can opt out of stat changes by going to League » Settings » Edit Tiebreak Rules » Retroactively apply official stat changes and selecting No.

(Answer copied from the Fleaflicker Owner’s Manual)

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