QOTW: Deleting Draft Picks

Question of the Week: We have keepers that go to certain rounds. For instance, Todd Gurley, if kept, is a third round keeper this year. How can I ensure that he goes to that team in the third round and that team does not draft in the 3rd round?  And that no one else picks up Gurley?

Answer: You would first want to make sure that all teams have their keepers set. This will prevent those players from being available in the player pool during the draft.

To remove a pick that represents a keeper in the draft, you can go to League Settings > Edit Draft Order and select the green “Edit Rounds” button from the bottom of the settings menu. Then select the round you want to edit, and in the pick’s drop-down feature in the Owner column, select the Delete Pick option and then Save.

The owner will still get all of the picks they need to fill their roster, but they will lose their pick for that round and one will get added to the end of the draft.

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