QOTW: Resetting Traded Draft Picks

Question of the Week: I was wondering if you could reset the draft pick trades in my league. I am trying to restart this league after some teams left and would like to clear the trades like I did with the rosters. I am writing to see if you could do it for me because I don’t see a way for me to.

Answer: You have two options for reverting traded draft picks.

1) You can have the teams trade back the picks. (This only works though if you have active, willing owners to participate.)

2) You can customize the draft order round-by-round to revert these picks back (basically override any traded picks that you need to). You would do this by going to League Settings > Edit Draft Order prior to scheduling the draft and choosing the round-by-round option. (If you want to take care of this before you have new owners join, all you need to do is use League Settings > Create a New Team to set up team names for each team waiting for a new owner. They can always rename them when they join — it’s just temporary so that you can access and modify the draft order.)

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